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  2. godzillabreath // pointed noses

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  4. goldcuccoart // Poke’ Trainer Commissions

    Message me to get your own for $50!

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  5. jilliantamaki // Criterion Collection cover for Sundays and Cybèlea very beautiful and disturbing French new wave classic.

    AD Eric Skillman

  6. Eric Ascalon // 1993 World Trade Center Bombing 

  7. olleforsslof // Tintin noir.

  8. jeanniephan // Yes, the Synchronized Swimmers fabric is coming back! I also have a few medium-sized prints from Swim Zine (which is also in the process of being printed). They’ll be on my Etsy shop in a month or so.

    I’ll be updating progress on my Instagram.


  9. sciencesaru // いつか会うの楽しみにしてるよ〜 Looking forward to seeing you someday~

  10. Maggie Sutrov // Painting at Iao Valley today…  Only a few turns and a short path away from everything hectic, and you’re in the flowing heart of the mountain.  

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  11. Gelrev Ongbico

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  12. omgwaulpaak // Paul Waak

  13. sbsqnt // FALLING APART

  14. Addition to St. Peter’s church

    Architects: Brückner & Brückner

    Location/Year: Wenzenbach, Germany / 2003

    Photos: Peter Manev


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  15. Louis Roskosch // You Got the No Face Mask!

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