1. David Inshaw // Allotments (1988)

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  2. Lennart Anderson // The Terrace (1964)

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  3. loic-locatellin // Chien Blanc “White Dog” de Romain Gary

  4. loic-locatelli // Cosmopolis / Don DeLillo

    (high def / different shades here)

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  7. Satsuki Shibuya // Minimal Watercolors

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  8. ambre-laurentsautet // Encre et aquarelle sur papier, 2014, 30 x 30 cm (feuille) / Ink & watercolor on paper, 2014, 12 x 12” (sheet)

  9. toiim // Just 5 minutes of extra effort goes a long way.

  10. jennliv // The first page to a comic strip I’ve been working on that I’ve decided to scrap and ‘recreate’. I was starting to get too finicky and over-obsessed with the linework and colours that it was really hindering my whole process. I was having troubles matching all the pages to fit the style of this one. Basically I was going insane from it so I decided the healthy thing to do would be to scrap it and start fresh (I might have problems ….). Well anyways R.I.P first page! 

    I’m probably not going to use this in the final, but I like how it turned out. The colours and shapes were fun to work with despite all my misery.

  11. evayz // sketches from the other day at dungeness

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  12. ghosttthead // #mecha (en Hachikō)

  13. bensears // Inventor (identity unknown) of the Battlepaws Combat System, making short work of a stone guard

    now available as an archival 8.5x11 print

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  14. LILLIA FRANTIN // "Tropical garden with pool" 40 x 30in, oil

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  15. bensears // he’s not gonna take it anymore

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